Best Benefits of using a treadmill desk

These days most of the jobs are sticking us to the chair. With something new coming out every day, technology is limiting our physical movement and this invites a lot of health problems. Long working hours with less physical movement is the reason for health issues like back pain and bad posture. We are not scaring you, just telling some facts that you should know as most of the people have desk jobs.

If you are thinking there is nothing you could do to increase body movement while working, then here is good news. You can! The whole idea of a desk job is to work on a computer as you cannot walk around your office carrying that. Keeping this in mind, treadmill desks are introduced to us.

Treadmill desks are exactly what the name says. They are working desks attached to a treadmill. Let us tell you a few things about the treadmill desk.

Treadmill desk and weight loss

By limiting our physical activities, we are increasing the chances of getting obese. A typical day of an office worker is coming to the office, sitting on the chair, eating, going home and sleeping. Not many people are fond of a proper workout schedule and this leads to many health issues like imbalanced blood sugar level, cholesterol, and whatnot.

By using a treadmill desk you can prevent being obese. It will help to increase your physical activity so that you can walk as much as you can. This can reduce a lot of fat. In fact, a study done on obese people showed, using a treadmill desk for work every day can reduce 20-30 kilograms per day. That sounds pretty effective and helpful. Especially, when you don’t have a routine of gym, yoga or any workout.

but the treadmill alone will not help you to solve the problem of excess body fat or weight. The best is to consider a treadmill desk a privilege. Without eating healthy you cannot get over these serious health issues. Start bringing healthy lunch to your office and deduct all the junk food you eat while working. Cut down extra snacks and sugary drinks.

Using treadmill desk

The idea of treadmill walking is to walk slowly without taking the stress of a good workout. You are at your workplace so don’t forget your main focus is your work. You are not supposed to be walking very fast in case you are working on something really important. There are different options of speed that you can select according to your comfort and requirement.

You can slowly increase the speed of your treadmill. The inclination of the walking surface should be kept as per your choice. Don’t get too excited about having a under desk treadmill at your workplace and start running while doing your work. The best way to use it is by getting used to it. You don’t have to utilize it all day long. You can use it for 15 minutes a day at starting and then stretch the time period as you like.

Usually, the dress code of the office is formal but if your office has a treadmill desk then you would have the liberty to come wearing comfortable sports shoes or workout footwear. Don’t come to your office wearing heels, flip flops or sandals as this would not be helpful.

Do it yourself

This can help people who work from home or already have a treadmill at their place.  all you need is a desk which is long enough to be at your face level. This DIY is very simple as you just have to adjust the desk so that you can work with your laptop on it while walking. You can make an amazing under desk treadmill by using this technique. Corner standing desks can also be used to make your own treadmill if that works with the dimensions of the treadmill.

Try bike desk

Just like treadmill desks, there are bike desks which are bikes that are attached to the desk. They are amazing for people who are fit and need some more cardio training. Just like a treadmill, you can control the speed of your cycling. As we mentioned that you should not walk too fast while working as it can be distracting, this is also the case with cycling. However, unlike the treadmill, you can easily invest some extra time on this desk as cycling doesn’t make you exhausted that much and that easily as compared to walking or running.

DIY? Yes, it is available. Again you need a desk for that, the uplift desk could also work for this. The procedure is the same, place the desk in such a position that you can cycle while working. You can read uplift desk reviews online and you will find how comfortable it is.

One of the famous companies in the industry of standing desks, Varidesk has some of the finest products that every office should try at least once. They are highly comfortable and eliminate the sitting hours of an employee. Not just varidesk there are many other varidesk alternatives that are crucial for employees to maintain their health. Some of the standing desk balance boards can also be a fine addition to your treadmill desk setup.

Does it need any recommendations?

Well, anyone can use it. A person who wants to increase his physical activity by walking can totally rely on a treadmill desk. There are no limitations or restrictions. Many fitness trainers also recommend its usage. But if you have any type of medical history regarding your body movement, you would advise you to have a talk with your physician. It is common sense that people you just had or recovered from treatments like knee replacement surgery should not even think to get on this desk for the next few months.

How often should you use it

As we mentioned above, for beginners it should be 15 minutes. When we talk about days in a week, it is totally up to you but we would recommend you to get on it for at least three days in weeks. Walking for once in a week will not solve any problem be it obesity or back pain.


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Author: Glen Mckennon