Best Signs to Detect a Fake Id

Identity cards AKA IDs are very important to show the proof of your identity. These are the cards that are issued by the official higher authorities of an organization. You can have ID cards for a library, school, workplace and the most important and strongest of all, national ID cards. These cards are very important as they let you perform certain tasks for example, in some countries you can buy alcohol and cigarettes only if you are above the legal age which you have to prove by showing you ID.

These days many people are using fake IDs. These ids are not at all safe and are illegal to have. The criminal can not only use it for personal benefits but can also use it to harm someone. Example of both:

  • Teenagers are using fake IDs to buy products that are illegal to access below a certain age.
  • Many criminals are using fake IDs of other people to access their personal information.

There are many cases of fake IDs coming out and that’s why it is very important to spot the difference between real and fake IDs. We are about to tell you how you can spot if someone is using a fake ID or not and it is very simple.

There is one method known as FLAG method which you can use to check the ID

This is really important for some industries to teach their employees the difference between real and fake IDs. Industries like hotels, health care, and property rental require the ID of a person for a safe and secure service. If you haven’t learned about this method then today is the day you should. The method FLAG stands for Feel, Look, Ask and Give.

F for feels

The first thing to do is to know how a real ID feels like. Simply touch it and remember the feeling. The quality of fake ID is not that good as the ID issued by any high authority like the government. Always remember that you should never accept an ID which is shown from the wallet, window or from anything which is restricting your contact with ID. Obviously, if a person is an expert in making ID he would know that factor of feeling plays a huge role in spotting the fake one that’s why the criminal will always show you the id from the wallet. Ask the person to give the ID to you so that you can feel it by touching. You can also scratch the ID with your fingernails or a coin. If the color or the sticker of an ID is coming out then it is exactly what you are thinking, a fake ID. We would have included the factor of flexibility but these days people are able to copy the material from which the real ID is made so it is extremely hard to check through that.

L for Looks

Let your eyes be the master. When the ID is handed over to your look if the person standing in front of you is exactly the person who is in the picture of the ID card. There are some parts of the face that cannot be changed at all and the facial triangle is one of them. What is a facial triangle? A facial triangle consists of your eyes, ears, nose, and chin. It is one of the human face features that doesn’t change at all.

The hair color of a person can change but the color of eyes cannot until that person is wearing a lens that is usually detectable. Facial hairs can also change, someone can grow it long or can trim it. The face cannot change but it can either get thicker or thinner. The position of ears cannot change so you can check for that and also, dimples can be a factor of identification. If the person has a dimple on his face that you cannot see in the ID card picture or vice versa, you are holding a fake scannable ids . The plastic surgery from dimples is not a logical explanation.

In some cases, the picture in the ID card might not be clear, but don’t worry as we have a solution for that also. Every id has a signature of the ID holder. Simply ask the person to sign on a paper so that you can if the signature of the person matches or not. You don’t have to be a writing expert to spot a genuine signature.

A for Ask

Bouncers at the clubs really go at it. Fake IDs have fake information and most of the fake ID holders don’t know anything about it. for example, you can ask for the zodiac sign of the person and for sure he/she will tell you a zodiac sign which doesn’t fall under the date of birth that is mentioned on the card. Similarly, you can go ask about the questions related to the address like what is the closest landmark or what is the closest mall from your place. a fake ID holder would never be able to answer these questions. There is not just one question to ask. Prepare a list of at least five of them to check if the ID is fake or not.

G for Give it back

After you have done all your investigation and feel the ID you handed over is real and the ID holder is the genuine owner of the ID then simply give the ID back and carry on with your job. But in any case, you are thinking that the ID is fake then the best thing to do is to get a photocopy of the ID if you can and give it to the police. Don’t confiscate the ID until the matter of police isn’t involved. By giving the photocopy of the fake ID you are helping the police to arrest the criminal. If you still want to be extra sure then you can ask for a secondary ID which. If you get it then check the details to be extra sure.

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Author: Glen Mckennon