Importance of Using A Natural Latex Topper

Without a good night’s sleep, we can not function properly and the quality of our sleep depends upon the mattress we sleep on. We all need a good and soft mattress which can make us feel like we are sleeping on a cloud but doctors say something else. If you have back pain and would go to a physician, he will recommend you sleep on something supportive and not too soft. That is where the role of latex mattress comes in.

A latex mattress is one of the oldest types of cheap mattresses which is very healthy for your body. It is not too soft to become a reason for back, neck and shoulder pain. if your mattress is squashy and you want to add something to harden it up, a latex mattress is the best for that purpose. Don’t think that they are excessively hard. They are perfect to give you a wonderful sleep and can also be used to make your existing mattress softer if it is a rock-solid surface.

Below are some of the reasons behind why you should choose a latex mattress

It is pocket friendly

So you bought a new mattress which is too soft or due to prolonged usage, your old mattress is getting squishier day by day. Instead of buying a new mattress, you can use a latex mattress. It is extremely pocket friendly and you can use it by keeping it on your existing mattress. A new mattress could be expensive but buying a new latex mattress wouldn’t even feel like you spent your money on something.

No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are very harmful to health. These can enter your house through various items. Once they enter your place, in no time these harmful elements will be inside your bloodstream through breathing and this can cause a lot of damage to your health. You can have severe headaches, eye irritations and ever liver infection in some extreme cases. The first step to eliminate the presence of VOC from your house is to stop buying such items that can release  VOC in the air and latex mattresses are one such item. It is extremely safe which means you can sleep without any fear of being infected by VOCs.


This adds to one more health benefit. Latex mattress is made with natural latex which doesn’t invite any bed bug, fungi or other harmful allergic elements. Mattresses can be home to many harmful bugs or allergic components as they are soft enough to get damaged by them but this is not the case with latex. They are extremely safe which means it is the best option to go for if someone at your place struggles with problems like asthma or allegories. You don’t have to worry about fungus growth or dust mites anymore and your family members can sleep safely.


Latex mattresses are a good option if you are looking for something that can relieve the pressure from your body. Many people complain about pain in their neck, hips, shoulder, and back, especially in the early morning. This is caused by the mattress you sleep on. A latex mattress can eliminate/relieve pressure from these body parts making them feel relaxed and painless. Pure natural latex is what you should select if you want to treat your body pain naturally. Sleeping on a latex mattress regularly can help your body to get support and relaxation at the same time and this is exactly what you need for good health.


Microbes are our worst enemies. There are so many diseases that can be caused by microbes and if you are thinking about cough and cold then diseases are not just limited to them. They can cause some serious health issues and infections. The ordinary mattress has a lot of microbes in it. The inside of a mattress is dark and forbidden from heat and sun. This makes ordinary mattresses the best place for microbe growth and survival. That’s why latex mattresses are considered to be highly safe.

They don’t let any microbe live inside or on it. A latex mattress is not easy to get inside by microbes and it doesn’t absorb that much moisture preventing fungi growth.

No off-gassing

Foul odor/smell can cause throat irritation, headaches and a lot of minor health problems which can be hard to handle. Such health issues don’t let us focus on anything. That’s why latex is considered to be the best choice as it doesn’t bring bad smells in the house. Whereas an ordinary mattress will spread bad odor all over the house from the moment you will take it out from the packaging. Pure latex doesn’t have any smell so you can expect no odor from best mattress for spinal stenosis.

Most mattresses contain petrochemicals which are the reason behind off-gassing but since this is not the case with latex mattresses, you don’t have to struggle with bad smell.

Sleep on something cooler

People who sleep at a cooler temperature get baby-sleep. Ordinary mattresses have layers of memory foam and other material that traps the heat eliminated by the body. Due to this, you end up sleeping on a surface which is warm and uncomfortable. This doesn’t just disrupt your sleep but also makes you sweat a lot.

You can completely trust the latex mattress in this matter. It is cooler and doesn’t trap any heat relieved by your body. Its design allows good airflow.

Eco friendly

A latex mattress is made from the sap of a rubber tree which is eco friendly but if you examine an ordinary mattress, it consists of a lot of chemicals that are harmful to our ecosystem.

These were some of the points that you should know about latex mattresses if you are thinking to sleep on something that brings health benefits. If you wish to know more about latex mattresses then you can go on websites like Sleepalpha. You can get to know more about Sleepalpha and latex mattresses. Next time when you have to buy a mattress we would highly recommend you to give latex mattress a thought and we are sure you will not regret it

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Author: Glen Mckennon