Which are the most obvious signs to detect that you are being stalked on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming one of the most loved platforms on the internet today. Young people find it the most suitable to share their pictures, live stories, and events on their Instagram account.

And since it has also got associated with Facebook, it’s popularity is already touching skies. Millennials are going crazy for this social media platform. The amazing features like boomerang and beautiful filters are like icing to the cake.

Have you heard about insta-stalking? Or are you also a part of it? Instagram is very popular for stalking. Just login to your account and you just cannot stop yourself from stalking the accounts. It seems like fingers don’t stop scrolling while you are on Instagram. Trust me, anyone who tells he/she hasn’t done insta-stalking is probably talking false. You may stalk a celebrity, a long lost friend, an influencer, a hot colleague from the office or the geeky school friend who has now turned into a glamorous model. It is very normal to stalk people unless it’s with a false intention. Sometimes we get extremely bored with our lives that we keep stalking our friends to see what’s happening in theirs.

While you are busy stalking people, are you also curious to know who is stalking your profile?

Yes, there are certain shrewd ways to find that out :

Instagram Stories

Well, if we talk about videos. Instagram does not disclose much information about it. Whilst you can see the number of views on your video, you can really not know who viewed it.

But as soon as Snapchat landed into the race and gave the audience a privilege to see who viewed their videos and pictures, Instagram also got back into action with a bang. It now allows you to see who viewed your Instagram story. Basically, the main purpose to introduce stories was to prevent the users from over posting.

In order to view the story of someone, you need to click at their attractive profile picture. The striking thing about the story feature is that it disappears after 24 hours, which means people cannot stalk those pictures later.

Also, you can easily know who viewed your story by just clicking on the bottom right eyeball, it tells you all about the number and name of the viewers.

Use Third-Party Apps

There are several apps who can work as a spy for you. They vow to tell you about all the people who stalk your Instagram account. According to the past record, these apps are not very credible and truthful. The only purpose of some of these fake apps is to spread viruses and hack your account.
Since Instagram allows limited access to their API, a lot of these apps are actually useless.

Some apps worth checking out:

Instagram image rocket –

https://imagerocket.net/ is one such portal doing the online detective job for you which can help you watch the private profile of those who are stalking on your profile.


It is another great app designed for iOS users and allows you to know who views your pictures. Though it only allows you this benefit for 24 hours, which seems enough as it uncovers every stalker visiting your profile. The app is easy to understand and very beneficial.

Keep Your Profile Private

The safest way out is to make your account private. This lessens all the burden and prevents uninvited mess. With this feature, only the people you approve of can view your profile. This keeps your data safe and secure. All the strange evil eyes cannot attack you if your account is kept private.

Social media is bringing the world closer. It connects you with people sitting miles away. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often fail to keep contact with our friends and relatives but social media platforms tell us all about them in one click. So basically it’s a good way to stay updated about your closed people’s lives. But since, everything good has a bad side too. Social media is no different than this. It unfortunately also makes it easier for evil ones to peep into your loves. There are certain unwanted people with whom we do not want to share our lives but because of social media, even they gain access to our personal details.

How can you stop people from stalking you on Instagram?

Instagram is full of certain creep people who are active on the platform for all the wrong intentions. Such people make Instagram too unsafe, especially for girls. These people leave weird and cheap comments on the pictures of the girls. Such an environment creates a lot of unpleasantness for the girls. In order to overcome such a situation, the first thing Instagram provides you with is the blocking feature. This feature restricts the blocked user from further contacting or finding you on Instagram. Such cheap accounts can also be reported to Instagram who further takes action against them. Or else you can also change your privacy settings to private, which allows only permitted users to view your account.

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Author: Glen Mckennon