A must read Buyer’s guide if you’re looking for Orlando real estate


Orlando is home of world’s most visited theme park Disney World, iconic Universal Studio which produced some of the greatest Hollywood classics known mankind and numerous blockbusters, legendary Kennedy space center visitor complex for those who interested in space and NASA, some of the world’s top Golf courses, to name just a few. With a whopping 100 millions of visitors year after year, one can imagine the economic growth rate here in Orlando. Therefore, it’s no surprise that real estate buyers and investors from all over the world are taking an interest in local real estate market, which essentially making Orlando one of the most lucrative real estate investment destination for individuals and businesses.


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Now, some good old tips for you – if you’re serious about investing in the real estate market in Orlando. Some of these you probably heard before, but no harm reading once again, correct? Let’s start then.


The biggest dilemma, New or Resale:



There’s no doubt that if everything else is same, everybody would like to buy a new property than a resale one. But in reality, everything else is not equal. Most buyers prefer a property situated nearby Disney World or other tourist attractions. And this is where you must make your mind about what is more important for you. Cause, most properties closer to tourist attractions like Disney World were built ages ago. So, you should choose your priority first and ask this question to yourself – do I want a new property or I want to stay close to Disney and can live with an age-old structure? Both have their own pros and cons. A new property would be with all possible modern amenities and facilities with little maintenance cost, but you have to drive a significant distance to enjoy Disney and other attractions. However, if you don’t mind the high maintenance cost of your newly bought age-old home without most modern amenities for the sake of living just a few minutes drive distance from Disney, then you’ve chosen your priority here.


Choose the type of property based on your requirement: 


You must think about yourself and your needs before committing investment in real estate. Are you a private person who loves to have all the modern facilities? Are you a lazy person and want comfort in your own zone without much stress of ownership responsibilities? Is maintenance cost an issue for you and you prefer the lower side of the same? All these are vital questions, and you should take sufficient time to consider every point so that you make an informed decision without any regret later.


There are 3 types of homes you can choose from based on what kind of person you want and what kind of life you want to live in.  If you’re not that kind of private person and want less-headache ownership with a strong community feel, you can consider a condo. You can think of a townhome too for added features like garage and private pool if your budget is higher. However, if privacy is a matter for you, along with the benefit of lower community fee than condo or townhome, then single family home is the one you should look for. This comes with its own cons, like maintenance would be your personal responsibility, hence a little bit more stressful ownership experience than the other 2.


Author: Brunilda Begeman