An Introduction to LED-Based Billboards

LED billboards

Billboards and signs are a special kind of electronic devices that are used to deliver informational messages and advertising to the people who pass by the displays. Very few know that LED is nothing but LCD monitors that are used on digital billboards, smartphones, and laptops where they use group of highly efficient, light emitting diodes (LEDs). These LED billboards are very bright usually in white color. In recent years depending on high demand of people with technical and regulatory considerations, this content took the form of series of statical slides, that broadcast-quality videos or animations in a sequence, or sometimes a mishmash of both of them.

How to perform their cost estimation?

In the mid when they were first launched their sales increased tremendously, but today in this digitalization era the electronic billboards are available at very affordable price and become commonly visible in every part of the place where people frequently pass by. Hence if anyone wants to purchase and install them then they are relatively difficult. It is advisable to purchase your billboard from certified suppliers who are reachable all across the globe.

Almost major suppliers of LED screens and billboards are located in Asia; the shipping costs are a mere factor of the project budget and plan. One can avail these billboards in two forms outdoor and indoor. They slightly differ in respect to their size and display projects. The outdoor billboards need to be regulated as they show huge impact with their size and electronic display installation with respect to networks, a few municipalities object them as they cause an interruption to drivers.

Well if someone wants to actually know its cost then the best way to calculate the cost estimation of an electronic billboard is to access the dealer or suppliers online calculator and perform self-analysis up to what extent it will cost them if they want to buy one for them direct from a dealer or through online booking. If the supplier is able to provide this feature then it is well and good otherwise go and inquire about what is the expected cost of this electronic billboard who had already installed in front of their stores etc.

How does a billboard work?

In the modern era, the electronic billboards consists of LED lamps, electronics, and wiring in a steel or aluminum enclosure. Here each module in a rectangular or square shapes for about 2-3 ft on sides and weighs around 100-150 lbs.

LED billboards

Decade ago, these electronic billboards LED-based were custom-built true to customer’s requirements and specifications. But today the standard in size modules are pre-conceived well before time, stored in the inventory mode, and when required are brought together in different configurations and shapes to meet the precise requirements of the customer’s with respect to billboard project. Hence they are cost-efficient and faster in terms of delivery, and make the task of customers easy to choose and get the same in accurate shape and sized billboard which they ordered.


Avail of this modular approach of installing electronic billboard to advertise your company or its products and create awareness in the people who pass by the streets or roadside. Do check if your supplier is regulated and owns a cost calculator prior to ordering your billboard for any outdoor or indoor purpose.

Author: Lenny Rupke