Classic Deals for the Best Closing Costs for Your House Selling

The costs related to houses can vary from simple to double depending on the type of terrain (flat, steep), the nature of the soil, or the presence of one or more floors. Some types of light construction can even be content with a simple concrete slab as a foundation; this is particularly the case of some houses in containers), which will be much cheaper than “classic” foundations. Visit for the best results now.

The structure

The price of building a house can be significantly different depending on the type of structure chosen. An entry-level wood frame house will cost significantly less than it’s brick or block counterpart up to 25% less expensive. Indeed, some structural elements can be prefabricated in the workshop, and the lightness of the wood frame will imply the creation of less complex foundations.

The roof

The budget related to the roof of your house will depend mainly on the type of roof chosen (sloping, flat or rounded), the frame, the roofing material (tiles, slates, zinc), the type of insulation, or still the sealing mode. Thus, a traditional sloping roof will generally be less expensive to achieve than a roof terrace, including requiring a specific frame and waterproofing.


The quality of the chosen materials can have a significant impact on the overall amount of your new home. Thus, the price for building a house with entry-level finishes will not be the same as for a house with premium finishes. For example, it is possible to find tiling 1st price around $15 / m², but prices can soar beyond $ 200 / m² for high-end tiles. Similarly, you can find kitchens (excluding appliances) from $ 1,500, but there are also luxury kitchens costing more than $ 100,000.

Bungalow or floor

On an equivalent surface, the price of a two-storey house will be 15 to 20% higher than that of a bungalow. Let’s say that a house of 150 m² on one level is displayed for $ 150,000. Its floor equivalent will be between 172 500 and 180 000 $, an additional cost of 22 500 to 30 000 $. Note that a single-storey house will require the purchase of a larger piece of land, which will incur additional costs and may cancel the savings.

The exterior joinery

Windows and bay windows can represent a major spending pole in the construction of a house. If you opt for aluminium windows with large dimensions or non-standard dimensions, equipped with double or triple glazing reinforced insulation, burglarproof. The bill will be significantly higher up to ‘3 times more expensive than if you choose PVC windows in a standard format, with entry-level double glazing.

Budget for building a house: anticipating the unexpected

It is very common that some costs related to the construction of a house are underestimated when the budget is drawn up. To overcome this, most homeowners recommend subtracting 10 to 15% of the overall budget initially planned before communicating it to the architect or builder who will take care of your project. You will have available a large enough amount to cover unforeseen expenses (soil survey, evacuation of land, underestimated costs, unanticipated costs) and some amenities (garden, fence, swimming pool).

Author: Brunilda Begeman