Easy to find rent parking space

Rent parking

The population is increasing at the same time use of vehicles also increased. Unauthorized constructions, steeply rising parking prices in commercial spaces, and encroachment. To find a Parking lot for your vehicle using a smartphone-based application. Rent parking lots in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata, has more than 650 private vendors. User real-time information on traffic status, buy paperless parking tickets, prepaid parking cards, and also, locate their car in the parking lot. This information is given in the Park 24×7 app. To provide their residents and their visitors a place to park their car a city must have enough parking spaces. The parking structure, Parking garage, Car park, Parking garage, Cycle park, Parkade, Park and ride, Valet parking, Airport Parking, Meet and Greet Parking, Park, and Fly Parking. The Automated Parking Guidance System (APG) is used to find the parking area near a driver. Service provides for traffic monitoring, communication, processing, and variable message sign technologies.

Types of Parking Garages

Rent parking

In India, parking is done in a completely unorganized fashion. The state governments are now planning to build multi-level parking to create parking lots that are spread out. At least 50 percent more parking space in every new building. A commercial building, a hotel, a hospital, a school, a church, a mall, a private home garage, or a restaurant for these places need space to park. Perpendicular angled echelon parking, parallel, and double parking. Angled parking is the most popular parking lot. Congestion, accidents, pollution, obstruction to fire-fighting operations etc…. These are the effects of parking.

Types of parking facilities

On-street parking facilities and Off-street parking facilities are the two types of parking facilities. On-street parking facilities are called crib facilities. On-street parking facilities controlled by government agencies. The vehicles parked on the sides of the street are known as On-street parking facilities. Unlimited and free parking and unrestricted parking. But also restricted parking, Handicapped parking. Parallel parking, 30-degree parking, 45-degree parking, 60-degree parking, and 90-degree parking under the on-street parking facilities. These are the on-street parking facilities. Off-street parking facilities are Parking lots and garages to parking vehicles. Vehicles parked off the street itself are known as off-street parking facilities. Attended parking only accesses the vehicle to park. Commercial agencies control the off-street parking facilities. There are many types of off-street parking facilities available such as surface car park, multistoried car parking, roof park, and mechanical park and underground car park. These are the off-street parking facilities. Multi-level Parking systems are one of the facilities in Parking. By seeing this development technologies are improving more. To provide all these information by parking survey. A total number of vehicles parked at a given duration of time within the given parking space. The total space available ratio of the number of bays occupied in time duration. Occupancy or efficiency is called the Parking index. The vehicle increases to great economic loss to the community by the operational cost. Which are referred to as parking accidents is called Parking and unparking leads to accidents? The careless opening of the doors of parked cars leads to accidents. while bringing in the vehicle to the parking lot for parking there are accidents.

Author: Natalya Casley