Explore the Secrets of WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

As you can see by moving the mouse on the WordPress button on the menu, a drop-down menu appears that allows you to make a first skimming. From here you can choose the themes according to the type of site you need to do: you can sort the search by viewing the most popular themes, blogs, business themes, e-commerce etc. The use of the WordPress Plugins is important there.

WordPress themeforest section

In the search box at the center of the page then add particular tags that better identify the type of your site, such as: portfolio, restaurant, one-page etc.

WordPress Plugins

In this way the search will only show you the themes that meet your requests.

Themeforest search

Consider that this type of research represents only the first step, the initial skimming, to be followed by checking all the aspects just described. Each time, for each theme, you will have to double check the list and check if the product is valid or not.

Furthermore, most of the templates that are offered to you are cataloged according to “graphic” parameters or technical characteristics, but my experience tells me that, unless there are borderline cases (it would be difficult to transform a theme created with graphic elements for a restaurant in a site that talks about quantum theories), each template on these sites is highly customizable. All you need is a minimum of imagination to be able to view your content instead of the proposed ones.

There are other ways to streamline research and be on the safe side. In the panel to the left of Themeforest there is a box that contains several filters.

Themeforest filters

First of all we hear the voice of those who bought before us. Go edit other users’ score filtering. Given the huge number of themes, we personally choose only those with the highest scores.

5 stars does not mean that the theme is the best ever. What needs to be done is a comparison between the number of stars and the number of votes. A theme that has received 5 stars from 5 people is not an indication of higher quality than a template that has received 4 from 500 stars. Then also evaluate whether to filter thanks to some tags that identify your category well.

Another aspect that must be considered is the number of purchases. The more people bought it and the greater the power of that theme, it means that many trusted him, that many advertised him and that many were satisfied.

In addition it means that there is an excellent probability that some users have found themselves before you, to a possible problem that could arise and therefore find the solution in the dedicated forum will be easier and faster.


You should now have all the elements necessary to make a worry-free choice. Remember to check that all the features of compatibility, viewing, updates, security, support, etc., are met and try to start with clear ideas about the type of site you need to create. You will be at an advantage when you have to filter out the many options available.

Choosing the WordPress theme to use is always one of the longest and most complicated parts during the design and creation of a website . And this is completely normal, given that depending on the chosen WordPress theme, the appearance and usability of our website may improve or deteriorate.

Author: Natalya Casley