Government plans to save the electricity for the future uses

Electricity plans

Electricity plans

Before the house getting the electricity connection the electricity board of that country the respective government will give the Electricity plans on that plans they mentioned the way to consume the electricity in the lesser way but many of them they doesn’t even read that policies they doesn’t know the uses of the electricity they doesn’t mean that one because they can get the electricity in the easy way do they don’t have the trouble in the facing of that one so all the person must know that the important of the electricity now a days the price and the bill we paid for the electricity is much higher than the older generation because it goes to less so we want have the more and more things and the gadgets all that things are be mainly running with the help of the electricity so the how we consume it is very important first the head of the family wants know the difficult of power they have the conscious about the electricity Bill’s and the money paid by them but they doesn’t take it as the important one if the unemployment person and the person who earn the lesser amount they know the difficult of paying the electricity Bill’s many of them paid the half the monthly salary as the electricity bill in some time the reading meters placed in the houses are be show the false reading sometimes it runs faster and some time it runs higher than the level of the consumption

The government plans to save electricity 

First, the electricity appliances arrive used in the home are be must in electricity friendly the government tell some brands that are very electricity friendly so we can put that product to avoid the over billing and the main thing is the wires used for the connection is always be in good quality so if there is a short circuit it lets to heavy blast and the short circuit leads to the heavy electrical consumption the main thing is we should not unnecessarily run the electrical appliances like the washing machines mixer grinder water heater fan air conditioner iron box electric stove lights and the many more the electricity board of the city gives the direct counselling for the how-to consume electricity as lesser so we can attend to get a good idea for the school students even from the small one they have studied about the electricity in the science subject in that one they compulsory have the needs and the necessity of the electricity and the way to consume it as lesser one

Importance of electricity 

Electricity is the main source of the people if there is a no electricity in the one day our whole day will get spoil we don’t have the concentration in the any the whole day get lost many of them are needs to be in the air conditioner for the 24 hours so these people want to change their habits instead of taking air conditioner we can take the fresh air in the garden and many more so let’s all make the tomorrow as the resource full world

Author: Lenny Rupke