Growing Your Best Options in Dining in the Restaurant

Since the eye also wants its part, many people also consider the presentation of the dishes and the general appearance of the restaurant to be important. Although probably most people would be happy to settle for a quiet restaurant, perhaps a little rustic but functional, many people want an elegant setting, quality service and adequate care when they go to the restaurant. Make a visit to and come up with the best choices.

There are those who prefer to go to a restaurant specializing in local cuisine, a certainty that perhaps for decades has always offered the same traditional dishes. On the contrary, there are people always looking for new ingredients and combinations, and therefore they prefer the places where the most original, creative and imaginative chefs work.

Among the most appreciated combinations there are, for example, salty and sweet, crunchy and soft, but also hot and cold: everything that, in practice, is able to awaken the senses and give that something more That satisfies the palate and allows you to live unusual culinary experiences.

Restaurant Cellar and Wine List

The wine list represents the critical element of many places, often able to decree the success or failure of a restaurant especially if it is placed in a medium-high range. For the vast majority of people, in fact, good food must be combined with good wine: some may be satisfied with the classic house wine, unpretentious but honest, but many customers are willing to spend tens of euros on superior quality wine.

The assortment of the cellar is not usually the central element of a restaurant or a trattoria with few pretensions, even if a good wine list is certainly appreciated and greatly increases the overall opinion on the place.

On the contrary, the opposite happens in the case of high-level restaurants, where the wine list must be impeccable and of absolute quality. Often sitting at the table the wine list is the first to be proposed, together with the menu, and from the outset, you can understand its value; in some restaurants, there is even a sommelier who can indicate the best wine to accompany the dishes chosen.

Service and Waiting Times At The Restaurant

One of the aspects that in some ways prove to be most critical is the quality of the service offered by the restaurant. Waiters prepared on the menu and on drinks, professional and precise, are expected from a renowned restaurant, but if you want to look carefully in all the restaurants, the service should not be less.

Sometimes unfortunately it happens and not only in the less quoted restaurants, unfortunately, that the customer has to wait a long, long time to order even just the drinks. On the other hand, the exact opposite can even happen, with waiters who only one or two minutes after leaving the menu come back to the table for orders, although knowing that the guests usually need a little more time to compare and choose.

Not to mention dishes that arrive rocket and which usually represent the clear signal that the food has not been prepared on the spot) and waiters who pass and pass almost obsessively removing the empty dishes from the table instantly, urging the next order.

Author: Brunilda Begeman