How Stair lifts Work

stairlifts bristol

A step elevate is largely a chair that travels on and rail or track that’s mounted to stairs.

There is a motor among the bottom of the chair that’s typically power-driven by an electric battery additionally among the bottom of the chair. The stairlifts bristol motor turns a gear that’s meshed into an intermeshed strip on the track or rail. once the gear turns the chair is moved on the intermeshed strip. once the motor turns the gear the chair moves one direction, once the motor’s direction is reversed the chair moves the alternative approach.

Stair Lift parts

Although the planning and elegance of step lifts can vary between makers all of them have some basic parts common to them:

Track or Rail – The step elevates track supports the chair, provides a mechanism (usually an intermeshed strip) to propel the chair, and guides it up and down the stairs even as a train track guides a train.

stairlifts bristol

Track Overruns – Some step lifts supply the choice of AN overrun at either the highest of the track, the bottom of the track, or each. the aim of a step elevate track overrun is to manoeuvre the user aloof from the stairs to securely access or dismount the step elevate in a very location wherever, if they fall, they will not fall on the steps.

Power Supply – whereas most step lifts area unit battery operated these days all models would force an influence offer to either charge the battery or power the unit directly within the case of non-battery power-driven units. Non-battery power-driven step lifts draw loads of power and ordinarily need an ardent circuit.

Call/Send Controls – Call/Send controls area unit ordinarily mounted on the wall close to every finish of the step elevate the track to produce how for a user to decision the chair to them or send it away once not required. they will be either wireless or wired to the elevate counting on the model.

Seat – The step that elevates the seat is solely a seat for the user to take a seat on whereas exploitation the elevate. counting on the model it should swivel at the highest and/or bottom of the track and can ordinarily fold up out of the approach once not in use.

Seat Belt – As in a very automobile, the step elevates life belt is meant to carry the user safely sitting on the seat whereas the elevate is in use.

Foot Rest – The foot remainder of the step elevate could be a characteristic to stop the user’s feet from striking the steps whereas exploitation the elevate and a comfort feature to support the user’s feet once sitting on the seat. The footrest can have switches designed into them to prevent the elevate ought to hit something on the stairs and can flip up out of the approach once they elevate isn’t in use.

Motor – The motor that drives a stairlift chair on the track is found within the base of the seat.

Transmission – as a result of the motor rotates at too high a speed to securely propel the step elevate up the track at kind of transmission is utilized to scale back the speed whereas increasing the facility obtainable.

Battery Charger – Battery power-driven step lifts should have a charger of some type to stay the battery charged. The chargers area unit is ordinarily found below the track or close to one finish of the track. The charger works mechanically with no action required by the user.

Battery – The batteries employed in the step lifts area unit fairly expensive and located among the bottom of the seat close to the motor. they’re going to have to be compelled to get replaced at a while however their life is measured in years and their replacement shouldn’t be a giant concern.

Author: Glen Mckennon