How to remove the blockage from the kitchen sink

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There are different kinds of drainage pipes in a house, all drainage pipes are of different sizes and every drainage pipe is used for different functions. Like in the kitchen sink there is a different drainage pipe that is made only to flow the water and drainage of the kitchen. Likewise, for every different place, there are different kinds of drainage pipes.

According to the places in the house the drainage pipes are fitted according to the size, if the place needs less place then small pipes are fitted and if the place needs more space then bigger pipes are fitted. In the places where there are small pipes, there are a lot of chances of blockage.

Usually, when you throw some kind of substance then it gets stuck hence creating a blockage in the path of the running drainage system. There are a lot of waste materials that can get deposited in the pipeline of your drainage system and hence blocking the system. The system remains blocked until the proper cleansing is done. If you are suspecting any kind of Blocked Drain Essex , then the good news is that you can unblock it by your own self by a few methods.

Blocked Drain Essex

Clean the sink properly

The first and the foremost step is to clean the sink properly, do not allow anything to enter into the sink pipe. If anything will not go sink the sink then it will not block the path of the drainage in the kitchen sink. Many times, it happens that when you clean utensils into the sink then the particles from the utensils while cleaning goes into the sink hence making the pathways blocking.

These small substances get deposited very slowly into the pipe and it blocks the complete passage of the drainage water system. Cleaning the sink will reduce any kind of risk of jamming the pipe. You might have noticed one thing that the pipe of the kitchen gets blocked more easily as compared to other places.

Removal Disposal in the sink

Whenever you are constructing a sink then try to buy disposal which can be removed easily if more garbage gets deposited. This removes the headache of cleaning the kitchen sink all the time. When there is no removal disposal in the sink at that time then it becomes very difficult to remove every particle from the sink. With this, you can throw the garbage or this will help the garbage to move inside the pipe very easily.

Use the plunger

If most of your remedies get failed then use the plunger which is a very common remedy to remove the blockage from different parts of the pipe. Plunger helps to remove waste material by suction method, the place where the seal is there in the sink use the plunger tightly to pull the seal and help the waste materials to go inside the pipe easily. Repeat this process several times, this will help to clear the blocks

When you will hear the sound of the suction then you will know that the block is cleared and now the water will flow easily. Repeat this process twice a week.

Author: Lenny Rupke