Milan Tours: The Best Places You Can Visit Now

milan tours

Until a few years ago the Romans who moved to Milan for work loved to repeat this joke. “Do you know what the most beautiful thing about milan tours is? The train to Rome”. The Milanese friends smiled bitterly, distanced themselves from office defenses that included the eulogy (in order): of the Milanese public transport system; the cosmopolitan air you breathe in Milan during the Salone del Mobile and / or the fashion weeks; of the discreet charm of certain glimpses of Milan, which however they struggled to remember; of the city of water with the canals designed by Leonardo “that if they were not covered it would be like Amsterdam”. And then they prepared for the weekend out of town. Because Milan is beautiful, of course:

milan tours

But do you want to put the weekend at the seaside / mountain / European capital?

All this was true enough just a few years ago, let’s say before the Expo if we really want to give a date. Then something has changed. The city has begun to look at itself and be looked at. To find himself perhaps not beautiful, but certainly very attractive, tourists especially foreigners realized that a few days in Milan was much more than a stop to fill up with Prada / Armani / Gucci accompanied by a Luini panzerotto , but a journey to discover a great European city that was imperial residence, capital of a State (it was a Duchy) and even of the Kingdom of Italy (the Napoleonic one, however). And today is the applied example of what they mean abroad for Italian style and creativity, and not only this.

  • The low-cost companies that had to take away the Milanese started to download crowds of tourists that now cross in Piazza Duomo – the surprise is so much for the Milanese themselves. And so, the miracle happens: Milan gives a hard time to Rome for a number of visitors. But once you come to Milan, what is there to do again and differently? Here are our tips for spending three days in the city coming out of the classic routes, but trying to live Milan to the fullest. And if you love the works of today , of which Milan is rich, read in this news the 10 must-see places for contemporary art lovers that we recommend.

Of course, the Cenacle is to be seen once in a lifetime, even Dan Brown said. So if you plan to visit Milan, plan ahead and book your 15 minutes of admiration among a Japanese who does “oh” in ecstatic silence and, if it goes wrong, a Chinese who does the same “oh” but noisily taking a selfie.

  • But one step away from the Duomo, in the central and almost chaotic Via Torino, the epicenter of the most youthful and affordable shopping, almost hidden behind an iron grille that you might not know, it is possible that you don’t notice it, there is a church that looks small but small is not.

It has a complex name, Santa Maria presso San Satiro, and inside it holds the (false) perspective of Bramante. So space seems bigger than it actually is. San Satiro is one of the places open to you by Touring volunteers, and it is beautiful even if you look at it from behind, or by going to Via Mazzini.


Author: Lenny Rupke