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Technical Support Ruckus

How would you define the work of someone who is dedicated to providing computer support? If we ask the question to a human resources person who is trying to hire someone to fill that position, he would probably say that it is a challenging and rewarding job, where you are continually learning and in direct contact with the client. What more could you want? On the other hand, if the answer is given by someone who has been doing that job for many years, he may tell you that the exciting challenges outshine any reward and only cause him stress. You can have the Technical Support Ruckus now.

Technical Support Ruckus

As in everything, interpolating you may find a less polluted response. Meanwhile, if you have decided to develop your professional career in the area of ​​technical support, do not despair, remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Job opportunities:

Who knows if that stressful situation you’re going through hides a surprise? Remember that there are numerous opportunities for brilliant IT professionals waiting for the right person. So, if you are not happy in your work you are already taking the time to find something else. Just looking for yourself and having to do your best to “sell yourself” will strengthen your mood and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Sometimes it is not necessary to change jobs just go on vacation, but go really. Don’t take work with you. “It only takes me ten minutes, I can do it remotely.” And how are you, a thousand similar excuses. Do you sound? Forget the mobile, the laptop, the Tablet, and its customers can attend to your companions, you need to disconnect, and if you do not disconnect, do not recharge the batteries. Then don’t complain.

End of the day:

Sometimes you are about to explode because of stress but the holidays are still far away. So what can you do? Try to completely separate your professional life from the personal, and when you go out the office door disconnects. Forget your customers and their problems, and if the world is not over, tomorrow they will be there again. Go to the gym, take some reeds, play with your children, do anything but think about work. It’s complicated, but your health will thank you.

The moment aha

In the life of every technical support worker comes a time when their customers usually end-users with little knowledge internalize the advice that the support team has been repeating for years. When that happens, you will see that promotional toolbars are no longer installed on your computers, that they no longer open emails that include suspicious attachments or links, or that they will avoid using their first name as a password, an achievement. That day you will drop a tear and you will know that all is not lost, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Among all the coworkers, there is always one or two with whom we get along better and are able to get a smile even in the most difficult moments. When you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, take a break and pay a visit to one of those companions, it will help you see things differently.

Author: Lenny Rupke