Reason for Blocking Drains

Blocked Drain Kent

In this era, we all have modern homes, workplaces, hotels, and shopping malls, in which we are using underground pipelines for toilets, kitchens, and for sewers. This type of process gives your home an elegant look but it’s also required maintenance from time to time. No matter, which type of pipe and fitting you are using, they need maintenance from leakage and blocking.

The main issue of this type of fitting faced the Blocked Drain Kent .There are so many reasons for this blockage drain and today in this article, we will talk about these reasons.

Some common cause of blocked drains

Blocked Drain Kent

In our daily life, we all use the toilet and kitchen, every home or place needs maintenance after some time. The main issue is blockage drain and the common cause of clogs. The clogs main reason is our daily things.

For example in the kitchen, we cook food with the help of vegetable oil and we wash the dishes then the substances go down the pipe, after some time this fat becomes the reason for the blockage. On the other hand, if we talk about bathroom blocking drain the reason behind them is our body’s small hair or normal hair.

The simple way to avoid this type of issue is to change your wash habit and flush. It will increase your home’s drainage life and these little changes also have some significant effect.

The Main Blockers

Many plumbers provide the best service in the blockage drain, they also have different types of service and have new equipment and tools.

  • Fatty Substances :

The fatty substances mainly found in the kitchen sink when you wash the greasy and oily pan or dishes every night and pour the excess fat down in the drain. If you are thinking about how to resolve this issue then we will guide you. Don’t discard oil or fat down directly in the sink. Take one old jar and then put all the waste fat in it, now throw it in the bin.

  • Objects :

Sometimes children or toddlers throw toys, blocks, crayons, or food in the toilet seat. A small thing is enough for blocking the drain in the toilet. With every flush, it gives an indication that the water will take time to go down. So always supervise your children and keep your toilet door closed.

  • Toilet wipes :

We all use toilet wipes and papers and sometimes we flush those wet in the toilet. This type of careless will create blockage in the drain. There is only one prevention that throws wipes in the bin rather than in the toilet.

  • Roots of Tree :

The outdoor drains need more care because due to the rainy season, roots of trees and dust stop the water supply of pipes and these things become the main reason for the blockage. In the rainy season, we also face landscaping cause it’s also become a damage reason for the pipeline. In the rainy season cover those drains that the dust doesn’t go inside the pipeline and clean regularly.

So, these are some reasons for blockage drain and with the proper care and prevention, you can resolve it.

Author: Lenny Rupke