Rugs-Makers of a home

affordable customisable rugs

Not everyone is blessed with an impeccable sense of style and fashion. Very often, we see people making blunders when it comes to dressing and often trolled on social media. Imagine if we do the same thing for the decoration of our homes. We invest lakhs and crores in building our homes and do a lot of research for the interiors, what if we make the slightest error in some room in some corner and this affects the entire look of the home. Hence, there is something called customization.

affordable customisable rugs


There are plenty of affordable customisable rugs available, which can be clubbed accordingly to the interior of the home. One can hire an interior designer for the entire home decor or become one for they can understand better what is best for them. This customized rugs will be helpful to know the rugs that are used for interior designing. These rugs make the home to be good in look.


A budget is an essential factor here. Prepare a list of all the rooms where rugs are required. Understand what pattern and colouring you need. You can go online on various websites and create your custom, or you can get it made at any dealer shop that makes custom rugs.

For customization, you can follow a few Dos and Don’ts.

  1. The smaller the rug, smaller the room shall feel. In the living room, where all the cheering and laughter takes place, make sure that the front legs of the furniture are touching the rug. In the bedroom, make sure the carpet is placed exactly where your feet will fall when you get out of the bed.
  2. The tinier the rug, smaller is the price. It is a practical notion, but will it look good in your large rooms? No. So what you can do is you can mix and match a couple of small rugs which will go according to the interior of the room.
  3. Don’t feel shy in placing a rug over the carpet. It will add a certain amount of spark to your customization.
  4. Select the rug first. If you are designing your room from scratch then do not make the mistake of choosing your rug at the end. Instead, make sure you finalize the rug in the first place itself. This will give you a clear idea of the other furniture, pillow covers, etc.
  5. Go for vibrant colours. Do not make the room look like a monochrome sari or attire where every single thing is of the same colour or texture. Indulge in a mix and match and make your space look vibrant. But also make sure it does not get exaggerated. Make sure your rugs and other stuff look cute.
  6. When you are getting your custom rug done, make sure you also go for a rug pad because sometimes rugs can be slippery.
  7. Go for a deal where you can get your customized rugs at a reasonable price. Make sure you bargain well.

Author: Brunilda Begeman