Solar panels history invention and its usage

Backyard Revolution

The plot which modifies the sun rays or suns heat or light which convert into energy is known as solar energy. I this solar energy was considered as a world bountiful, renewable energy and in another, we can solar energy which produce electricity. This e can show up technology development and the usage of the technology. Nowadays many others use this solar energy in their house which makes them save their electricity. There is a step by step process for the backyard power plant for homeowners this process is known as Backyard Revolution  Solar energy from the sun which considered as two brands these brands are based on the technologies they are

  • Solar thermal
  • Solar photovoltaics

These are the technology for converting sunlight or heat into energy. Solar cells are accumulation for solar energy. With the help of many solar cells, we can use to provide electricity for a large area. The light which blows on the cell to produce electricity

Backyard Revolution

The History of solar panels

Solar energy is used from 7th century B.C according to technology development everything is developed. Edmond Becquerel was a French physicist who discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839, it was discovered by the experimenting in an electrode which is made by an electrode. The cell is exposed to light it produces more electricity it was found during that experiment. Photoconductor functioning with selenium was found later by Willoughby Smith in 1873.later some them like William Grylls Adams and Richard Evans Day found that when the light revealed electricity was produced while applying the photovoltaic principle which is found by Becquerel to selenium. For the modern solar panel, with solar cell prototype now it developed and everyone is using this it was first invented by Charles Fritz found the working selenium solar in a cell by an American, In Solar cell invention, Many physics played a role to produce electricity is developed according to the technology. In 1905 Albert Einstein dismiss the paper on the photoelectric effect based on the light carries energy prove through that he had to play a high prototype to attract the people by the solar energy and its photovoltaic. This makes everyone to accept a solar power spacecraft solar. Not only for electricity the Solar Panel also used in Space Station for various parts of spacecraft from late 1950 and 1960 throughout the world. In 470 watt photovoltaic solar panel used to lunch the Nimbus satellite in 1964 by NASA.

Solar Panel efficiency and alternative

For the solar panel, efficiency has slowly increased recently most of the peoples are like to use solar panel significant thing everything has become realistic peoples or generate themselves solar energy in their home and their business. The space program also pushes to high-efficiency solar panels. Solar Technology makes us use low-cost electricity and make us reduce our costs. Nowadays many hospitals and industries are using solar panels which means through the sunlight are sun heat or from its rays make alternative electricity and reduce the usage of current from another form. Nowadays solar panel is used for agriculture too, it makes them get electricity for motor directly from the sunlight rays.

Author: Brunilda Begeman