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كلمات اغنية

John Lennon actually has a belief that this song was completely based on him and it was written solely for him. Because at the beginning of his relationship with Yoko Ono, the song that was penned after that was actually for Julian. Julian is no one but the son of Lebanon. The original title of the song was hey Jules. This song was written actually tp comfort his son Julies who suffered after his parents got divorced. Lebanon wrote this poem to comfort his son from the heartbreak crisis he was facing due to the divorce of their parent. But the lyrics that were written by Lebanon brought a wide range of comfort to many others not only to Jules. The lyrics were so profound and deep that it was really comforting for the one who hears it.كلمات اغنية offers you the lyrics.

This song was also written when a relationship blooms between Cartney and Linda. It is actually a song that has a bundle of encouragement and great advice about how a love life should be and also about the hared struck lobe that is should be reflected. This song also describes the essence of love. How love can turn into a boon in the hands of the right person. The same love when is given in the hands of the wrong person then this love has a chance of becoming venomous and might also kill the one who is in love or loved. This is a famous lyric about love. We cannot escape from the simplicity yet the profound depths of the lyrics that are given in the poem. The ending of hey Jude is something that we need to note. It actually ends with ‘Na na na na ‘ stretch that goes for almost four long minutes. The total song is almost 7 minutes longs. This is considered the longest single song that ever made to the top of the charts in both the Uk and America.

Johnny Cash – I Still Miss Someone

كلمات اغنية

I still miss someone by Johnny cash is yet another simple melody that has captured the heart of many people and also it has painful and heartfelt lyrics that have the capacity to melt anyone’s heart who is hearing it. Johnny Cash has written so many songs but I still miss someone who has always been the top song that tops over any other song. It is actually very famous. It is also one of his most covered songs. He has written more songs about love and heartbreak than anything at all. Also to be noted is that there are many people and lyricists who write songs about love and the happiness love give but the reality is that the ones that stay with us are the one that actually makes an impact within us. The heartfelt lyrics of Johnny cash have felt such an impact. His songs are all profound with the utmost depth in the lyrics he writes.  The lyrics of johnny cash hot hard an is famous is because they are so true and honest. Even a common man can connect with his lyrics of emotions and love and heartbreak.

Author: Brunilda Begeman