Tips for the perfect wedding photographer

North East Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers and photographers for weddings are present. There are so many styles and approaches to wedding photography as for any artist in a creative field that finding the best wedding North East Wedding Photographer for you is almost like dating all over again.

However, you don’t have to meet every single photographer in town to decide if they’re a good fit or not. Here are some ideas on selecting wedding photographers and you’ll end up with a collection of pictures showing the day just the way you want to remember it.

Look at Online Portfolios

The best way to choose a shortlist of wedding photographers is to browse through portfolios of photographers online. Looking at other weddings they photographed you can see if you like their style. At this point ask yourself a few questions-do they reflect the feel of the day?

Will the pictures look happy for the bride and groom and guests? Is there a wide variety of styles of images-parties, posing photos, casual capture of the photos of the moment, detail shots of decoration, cake, etc.

Meeting some photographers in person

North East Wedding Photographer

When in your region you have a shortlist of about three wedding photographers, plan to meet them in person. If you are considering using a photography company make sure you do not meet a salesperson with the actual photographer. The first thing is to find out if the photographer is feeling at ease.

Do you feel comfortable and relaxed chatting with them? Have they listened to your ideas, and made their own? It’s important to find a photographer you’ll click with. If you have a personality mismatch then look for someone else, however fine They are, instead. Your wedding photographer will be a major presence at your wedding and it is his or her perspective that you will see in the pictures so make sure you feel a positive relationship.

Discuss your wishes

There’s no such thing as a standard wedding package these days. Few couples today want only formal group shots plus a posed portrait of a couple. You may want to completely eliminate the formal groups outside the church and ask your photographer to set up more informal groups during the reception. Or maybe you want a combination of formal shots and informal reportage?

Using flash in churches or during a service is a definite no-no, so it’s a great skill to be able to set the camera and move to the right position in just a few seconds to get the lighting right. Just imagine, for example, sunlight through a window illuminating the veil of the brides and lighting half of her face just enough to make her eyes sparkle-this will be far better than full sunlight illuminating the whole face and making the squint of the bride. This kind of skill is learned over time and helps to construct a great wedding photography portfolio.

Look for a photographer who is happy to listen to what you want, provide suggestions and advise on how best to capture your wedding as you wish. At this initial stage, a good wedding photographer will spend enough time getting an exact idea of your requirements and will be able to create an individual package for you accordingly.

Author: Natalya Casley